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round the world
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we've been in london for nearly a week now and so far have done:
shopping on oxford street...minus the purchasing due to lack of space
camden markets with limited purchasing
we walked along the thames and saw the tower of london, london bridge, some party/festival thing, a shakespeare play at the globe, the tate modern, big ben, the london eye (didnt go on it though) and....whatever else was along that walk
buckingham palace, the changing of the guards
hyde park
the jack the ripper walk
um...we just saw a fight in the net cafe place...some guy claimed the other guy stole his stuff and yeah. interesting place.
the vegemite tales
and i think that's it. today we're doing a beatles walk then we're going to a toy shop

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greetings from london.
this travel journal thing has pretty much failed. as did my real journal (same as last year kaya. i'm still writing about paris...)
i'm really glad to be in london with kate now. it's good to be with someone different.
after europe i spent 2 nights at michaels mums house near blackpool, 3 nights in shrewsbury at jens house and 3 nights in northern ireland (!!) with lyn. the visit to lyn's was a bit last minute. it was really good to see her though. i think when i get home i'll do a real update on what we did and put photos here. we did a really cool chocolate thing, but it would be better explained with a photo.
they get sun in london. who would have thought?

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today is our second full/proper day in munich. so far we have bought rollerblades because we thought it would be a cool way to get around...we practised on them once and havent used them since. then the weather turned wet anyway so we havent been able to use them. yesterdaz we went to the german museum due to the weather. it would have been good if we could read german.
last night jen got a tattoo.
today we are looking at a clock/town hall and looking around the actual city centre of munich. i want to go to an aussie bar.

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aaah paris! this updating thing is hard when you don't have a computer handy all the time.
texas first. in brief. we spent 2 days trying to hire a car. never had so much trouble, especially considering brittany was the one trying to hire it.
we went and had 3 games of laser tag. i wont the second game and came second in the last game. we went go carting and my back still hurts...and we went to outback steak house and i ate a steak! and put in reccomendations for more australian desserts such as pavlova, as new york style cheesecake isn't really aussie.
when we got to new york i had to change airports due to a late flight/would have missed my flight to london. i was so stressed it was making my stomach sick. made it to the other new york airport ok...got to washington and had to walk a looong way to my gate. just made it. the flight to london wasn't too bad. kinda missed both meals because they only had beef by the time they got to me and i woke up just after they served breakfast.
got to london and couldn't find jennie...so i went to check in and do a luggage drop. checked in and found out jen had already checked in, left my bag there and lined up to go through security...saw jen waiting to drop off her bag in a realllly long line. waited for our flight...slept on the plane. woke up and we hadn't even left yet. flight was a bit delayed. got to paris and it was raining. yuck. michael and chris were waiting at the airport for us, had been all day. got on a bus to paris, then made asses of ourselves trying to find out which way to go on the metro to get to the hotel. once we got sorted it was really easy. hotel really nice. went for a walk that night to find dinner and see what was around. saw the top of the eiffel tour all lit up. aah beautiful.
next day went there and pretty much spent all day there. walked 700 steps up to the second level, then got lift to the top. watched a baby throw its toy over the edge. its dad not impressed!
today we did a double decker bus tour thing where you can get on and off. did whole lap (over 2 hours) then got off at the lourve. didn't go in though coz it was nearly time to close. hopefully getting drubnk tonight. yyyeah.

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that's my tattoo. i got it done in dover yesterday. it hurt, but it wasn't too bad. we had a long weekend because the last session was a 12 day session.
today we went to the delaware state fair. it wasn't quite what i expected an american fair to be like. it was a lot like the royal show but smaller and hotter

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i'm going to texas.
and paris.
and after tomorrow i'll know where else in europe we're going. jennie and i are thinking brussels and then amsterdam before heading to michaels house.
looking forward to travelling thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much.

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i survived my week with campers. they were pretty good. only had arts and craft once...got to go swimming twice!! i rarely get to go to the pool this year.
next week i'm in the cottage again. should have my own room again...yay.
this weekend we're going to a theme park. woohoo.
jen and i booked flights to paris...now we need to book flights to texas.

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been super slack.
i love long weekends.

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man i suck at updating. we're half way through the 3rd session now, which is a 12 day kids session.
the second session was autism. it was interesting. everyone was sleep deprived. after that session we finally got to philadelphia. went shopping at king of prussia then went to downtown philly. bought 3 tshirts. one is a wednesday is hump day top, the other a cabbage patch kid top and the other my idaho, no udaho top.
i went to hospital the other night. i got a bite on my wrist and it kept swelling heaps.  while i was there they checked my lungs/breathing because i've had a yucky cold for a week and have aquired a bad cough.  i keep having coughing fits and it's not nice.
wemade grassy heads at the start of the session. they're growing already which is exciting.
i get tomorrow off because we need a full 24 hours off a week. people get a day off over 3 days, so at the moment i have a camper. it's weird having a camper again. on sunday i have to have a boy i had last year, then i can go back to the cottage with brittany and jennie. it's just like the last session of last year, only with a couple of new people.
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